(26 July 1997)

When bricks speak, look out! Because they’ve kept silent so long, they’re bound to be ornery. All that weight. Never a vacation, not even day trips are allowed. But what do they expect? Know what you're signing up for, I say.

It’s no picnic being a brick, but there are some benefits. That’s why they go for it. For one, it’s relaxing; your neighbors, usually other bricks, tend to keep to themselves, so there’s a lot of quiet time. Occasionally, a brick will find that they’ve been placed on a corner--that can be noisy. And cold. But the odds are against that.

What else? No phone calls. Ever. Someday, maybe, but not yet.

What do bricks talk about? Is there a buzz among the brick-elite, the brickolage? Who’s up, who’s down? Whose mortar is firm, whose is crumbling? What do bricks expect? For what do they hope? A good job, nice house, many children, spiritual fulfillment? Well, no. Mostly bricks aim low. Stasis, languor, immobility--these sum it up.