Finding a Path Away from Violence

Carl Fredrik Reuterswärd sculpture “Non Violence” 1985 Malmö

Re: Aurora, CO shooting, 20 July 2012

Ok, I've got to stop reading about this shooting. I'm afraid to say that while gun laws can help, we have a deep, deep addiction to violence--you can see it in our deep love of football, boxing, violent heroes and our *total unwillingness* to take responsibility for the tens even hundreds of thousands of deaths caused by military action overseas. Iraq (twice), Afghanistan, drone strikes all over the place--the list could go on. Do we have hearings? Do we want to know who were the children and parents and innocents lost forever? Do we want to put our leaders in jail for the crimes they've committed? No, actually. Dick Cheney is raising money for Romney, Condi Rice is prancing about, Rumsfeld is living large, and George Bush is building his Orwellian history library. Unless we are willing to really commit to a change in habits, in how we teach about the nature of conflict and the moral ways to resolve conflict, we will never solve the problem of violence.

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