Who is a Facebook user with hundreds or thousands of friends?

Here's the interesting issue (to me) about having a lot of FB friends: Who *is* the person with 2000 friends? I mean, when I post on FB, I have some reasonable sense of who might be reading it. This is important, because it allows me to be fairly candid and then get responses from people whose perspective I can gauge, somewhat. This is why I don't "friend" students or relative strangers. So how does someone with, say, 500 or 1000 or more friends remain candid on FB? It would seem that they either just post relatively anodyne things or they manufacture a false kind of candidness. Both such forms of expression seem rather self-alienating to me.

This is not to say one cannot talk to different groups at different times, but my point is that in those circumstances where one just feels like throwing out a "general" post (i.e., one not targeting anyone in particular) then a larger group of friends makes such posting either totally missing the audience--or, if one wants to avoid miscommunication--making the posts so general that they begin to lack "candid-ness."

When I listen to "the new generations" (as some call them) talk, it often takes a lot of back and forth to get them to be precise enough to make their point so that I and others IN THEIR PEER GROUP understand what they are saying. This is, I think, evidence of language habit uses which are more mis-communicative than "new" or "generationally innovative." Put another way, they're inarticulate.

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