Tighten *Our* Belts? How about Wall Street Titans Tighten Theirs?

Colorado's economy is in very difficult straits and the Governor is being forced to pass huge budget cuts onto our educators and our children. Many in the media decide to look at the budget problems as if they started yesterday, and there's only a moral question of "whether we should reign in government" or "whether we should tighten our belts."

Recently, the New York Comptroller’s office released numbers showing that the same executives who sold junk mortgages and crashed the economy gave themselves obscene bonuses and compensation in 2010--to the tune over over 20 billion dollars.

The wrong question is being posed in Colorado. The question is not, "Should Coloradans reign in government or tighten their belts." The question is why should the budgets and services of state governments march to the dreary tune called by Wall Street lobbyists and the politicians they've bought in Washington? The question is, when are we going to "reign in Wall St. and demand that financial titans tighten their belts?" That's the real question.