Comcast, Net Neutrality, and Your Daily Paper

The issue of "Net Neutrality" has been covered, but poorly, by most mainstream news outlets. There's little doubt that Comcast can pose a serious challenge not only to small, non-profit or political web sites and blogs (left or right or whatever) but also to newspapers. Is it possible that the "neutrality" news organizations have used as a pretext to avoid running negative stories about corporations will come back to bite them in the bandwidth?

A democracy needs a vigorous press to challenge both governmental and corporate power. When a press only challenges government, it sows too much suspicion about elected officials and too little about unelected ones. We are well down the road to a press that rarely challenges business interests. Ironically, those very interests may destroy (are destroying?) the very press which gave them cover all these years.

An interesting article explaining why the net should be understood like a public utility (public good) is here: http://www.gmj.uottawa.ca/1001/v3i1_qua ... arabie.pdf

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