When 3 and a half year olds get mad

The other day Nick was mad about something. So, I started talking to him about all the times I get mad (when I lose something, break something, etc) so he could see that feelings are common experiences.

I asked him, "Nick, do you ever get mad?"
"Yes," he answered.
"When?" I asked.
He looked up at the wall clock: "When the long hand is on the 9."


Then, I told him I sometimes got mad at myself. I mentioned occasions when that has happened.

I asked him, "Nick, do you ever get mad at yourself?"
"Yes," he answered.
"When?" I asked.
He walked over to my computer modem, which has 8 lights across it. Most are lit, but some blink from time to time.
He points at the modem: "When these two lights are blinking."

Nonstop hilarity.

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