Why Has the MSM Narrowed the Democratic Field to Two Already?

I am trying to figure out why the media keeps treating Hillary and Obama as if they were the only two candidates in the field. When I listen to Dodd, Richardson, Biden and Edwards, I think, “well, these are serious people who could really compete for the presidency.” When I listen to Gravel and Kucinich, I think, “These are people whose progressive ideas may sound radical, but if you look at the polls, are voicing concerns and issues that the public really cares about.”

Yes, the media (MSM) see Hillary and Obama as the Two Serious Ones because of fundraising and polling. But the truth is, the primaries and early caucuses matter a lot. A serious slip by H or O in Iowa or New Hampshire and we’ve got a totally different race.

The media understand this point, so they must have other motives for wanting the field so narrowed down already. Could it be that editors know that in an age of cutbacks and short staffs in newspaper offices, they don’t have the money to cover five candidates—so they pick two to protect their own bottom line?

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