The Al Qaeda Anchor?

Is CNN now paying Al Qaeda's Anchor?

From Think Progress:

    Today (Aug. 11, 2006) on CNN Headline News, anchor Chuck Roberts discussed the impact of the foiled British terror plot with Hotline senior editor John Mercurio. Roberts asked Mercurio, "How does this factor into the Lieberman/Lamont contest? And might some argue, as some have, that Lamont is the al Qaeda candidate?"

Political contests, such as the one in Connecticut, involve debates about issues. That's normal. People decide which side has the better argument by voting. That's normal. But when pundits then choose to characterize the process with divisive labels, that's propaganda.

By this point, we expect Karl Rove and Dick Cheney and George Bush to take something like a primary and give it global terror implications. They seek only to win elections, not serve the whole public.

But this is not something we expect the media to do.

By his comments, some might argue that by injecting a straightforward American election with propaganda, Chuck Roberts is al Qaeda's anchor. Al Qaeda wants to intervene in American life; they want to turn us against one another and undermine the processes of democracy. Chuck Roberts is clearly assisting that effort.

Thanks, Chuck.

Now get some objective distance for what comes out of your mouth, stop repeating propaganda, or get the hell off the air.