PBS: Half the NOW, Twice the Conservative Propaganda

PBS and Rocky
Mountain PBS made a mistake when they cut NOW in half and put Tucker
Carlson and the Journal Editorial report with Paul Gigot on. We count
on PBS for objective reporting and commentary that confronts facts
honestly. Neither Tucker Carlson nor Paul Gigot can claim to do that.
They are, as Jon Stewart put it, "partisan hacks" who cheered this
country into a war that is devastating both us and the Middle East. In
fact, after watching them for years I can honestly say that they
cheerlead for nearly every conservative policy, never mind the facts.

While I appreciate the reporting that PBS does, particularly
NOVA and Frontline, this shift to the right will not be forgotten. Is
it not enough that most newspaper owners are conservatives, that most
of the billboard advertising in America is owned by conservatives, and
that FOX News and the right wing radio airwaves have the loudest and
most relentless voice in broadcasting? You should be ashamed to give
ground to pundits who care little about journalism and
more about lending ceaseless and unthinking support to
conservative agendas.

This is not just the cry of a liberal
who dislikes conservatives. This is the protest of someone who is
tired of "news" shows where the evidence doesn't matter.

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I know you're just trying to survive. I
just wish you'd go down fighting.