Bush's bulge migrated south

Some long pent up thoughts about this election thingy.

In the second debate there was no sign of
the little box behind the suit coat, but Mr. Petulence
still simmered like a frat boy whose fake ID was just
laughed at by the guy checking ID's. Kerry is still playing too
nice, in my opinion, but did I win the primaries?

About that first debate, I have to admit that Jim Lehrer did a better job this time. His follow
ups were worthwhile and while he didn't ask Bush who was actually
answering the questions, he kept hope alive that perhaps the candidates
would be tested. It's a shame he didn't ask about the Plame affair.

Now that Derrida is dead, the infamous security moms can finally
leave behind deconstruction and proceed to
just plain old destruction of common sense, aided and abetted by the guy they
tell pollsters is
best equipped to protect them. (Well, maybe not, but he clears a
mean brush.)

At some point we're hoping that the mainstream press either (a) gets spine enough
to spite the WH (which has locked out, shut up, or just plain neutered most of
or (b) follows the same craven self interest that
has allowed this resident of the White House to plunge us and thousands of innocent
civilians into a carnage the likes not seen since Bush didn't see Vietnam.
Surely they will want to switch sides just before the ship goes down, won't they?

A friend of mine involved with the Kerry campaign has been urging that Kerry talk
as if Osama had been captured already. Kerry has not listened, apparently, as they
seem to be putting a lot into the "why haven't you caught Osama" rhetoric. Does
Kerry know something about Osama that we and Bush don't know? Intriguing.

One last question: how many people will watch the third debate? I am assuming
a major drop off in viewership; if that's true, then Kerry did well if most
stopped watching after the first debate, and less well if after the second.
Bush secured, as Michael Berube put it, the Drunken Aggressive Asshole vote
in that debate which, after 11 years in Texas and 3 in Tennessee, is
electorally numerable.

Meanwhile, in the Nature Strikes Back Against the Worst Environmental
President in US History category, Mount Saint Helens warms up for the
final aria, comfortable with the chin music that 3 hurricanes laid down for
Florida, land of the Governor Who Just Happens to be the President's
Brother. Here's hoping the eruption doesn't screw up the delicate touch screen
voting machines.

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