Unreleased document shows Bush failed to fulfil his commitments

From this website
A newly discovered document that was withheld by the White House when it
released 'all the records' shows that Bush promised to serve in the Air
National Guard well beyond the termination of his six year Military
Service Obligation.

In this document, simply labeled 'AGREEMENT', Bush acknowledges that his
training will require 'the expenditure of extensive public funds' and in
exchange for 'undergraduate pilot training', he agreed to serve for at
least five years after the completion of that training. (It has not been
determined what 'undergraduate pilot training' refers to. Bush completed
his initial pilot training at Moody Air Force Base in Georgia on
November 26, 1969, his 'Pre-Interceptor Training' at Ellington AFB in
February, 1970, and his F-102 pilot training was completed on June 20,


About these Bush National Guard memos, I've been watching the blogs

cover this and I have a sneaking sense this is all a big waste of time.

Let's look at the big picture: Karl Rove knows that Bush cannot compare
his bravery or service to Kerry's. So, the longer the Guard story drags
out, the longer the more global comparison is put off. Bush wins.

Also along these lines: the longer the story continues to be Vietnam,
the longer Bush's actual record is not evaluated. Bush wins.

In a nutshell: Guard story keeps Vietnam alive, Vietnam keeps focus off
present and future consequences, distraction succeeds, Bush wins.