Lord of the Rings and Killing Non-humans

Watching the last of the Tolkien triology yesterday, I was struck by the how easy it was to watch some fairly
graphic battle scenes.It's probably occurred to everyone except me, but Hollywood has found a solution to the problem of satisfying the
audience's need to see graphic violence with their desire not to show other cultures or even human beings killed or maimed.

So, what we have now is humans killing cyborgs, killing orcs, killing specters, and so forth. This has long been part of the film
culture, but it seems to have accelerated.

What does it do to show so much violence and to remove the guilt or anxiety that comes from seeing or knowing that the violence was done to
another human being? Perhaps this development in movies is the complement to the remote-controlled, carefully framed television wars that
are now being done in our name in the mideast.

Lots of fist-pumping but without that nagging sense of responsibility.

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