In case you didn't know, we had a major storm last week...

We got our power back after 6 days. It was hot as blazes, though we did have gas and water, sleeping was hard.

Here's a nice letter from Memphis's Commercial Appeal newspaper:

July 28, 2003

Last Tuesday morning I watched the storm lay waste to my city. From my balcony on the sheltered east side of my building, I saw trees struggle valiantly, then get ripped from their roots. I saw the blue explosion of power lines torn from their poles. I heard the gunfire crack of limbs snapping and the crunch and tinkle of houses being smashed. I heard the scream of metal girders bent like pipe cleaners. Then all was quiet save for the hiss of rain and the plaintive wail of dozens of car alarms.

But what I saw and heard in the next few hours and days was even more impressive. I saw strangers banding together to clear debris from their streets. I saw restaurateurs give away food rather than see it spoil. I saw smiling policemen directing traffic around fallen poles. I saw MLGW crews working briskly while grateful homeowners brought them pitchers of precious iced tea.

I saw Memphis drivers politely obeying the rules of the road at signal-less intersections. I heard dozens of callers to radio stations informing their neighbors about closed roads and open stores. I heard a symphony of chain saws. And I heard laughter.

My next door neighbor, whom I rarely speak to, gave me a gallon jug of ice from his freezer and saved the groceries I had bought the night before.

I have never been prouder to call myself a Memphian.

Michael B. Conway, Memphis

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