The ever fashionable, pretty much use-free Tina Brown

In Salon, Tina Brown has given us another "inside" look into the world of Tina Brown, this time about all the rich media types who are so stressed out by stuff that all they can talk about is their prescriptions.

What puzzles me
most about these high-flying exposes is why Brown, who apparently wants us to see how
"grounded" she is, takes the trouble to hang out with the people she skewers. Is she just one of them?

Political action is better than medication and it yields a real sense of control and self-satisfaction. I
hope that Brown has the gumption to press these medicated power players to stop popping pills and
start applying whatever pressure they can for actual political change. So many people are more
powerless than they are; heaven help us if all they can think of to do is screw with their blood

David Hildebrand, Memphis, TN


Tax cuts and the false promise of Jobs

To the Editor:

Tennesseans are being bait-and-switched with the new federal tax cut, and should let their
know it.

In 2001 a huge tax cut was passed, and jobs were the promised result. Since then we have lost 1.7
million jobs. This time, the same dubious promise is being made, but the cuts are even larger. While
our country is running a record deficit and we're paying nearly the whole cost of the reconstruction
of Iraq, Tennessee's senators are helping push tax cuts that would give the typical family a tax
break of only $217 next year while families with incomes above $1 million would get an average of
$93,500 each.

We voters know a scam when we see one. As we debate desperately how to pay for schools and basic
services, the federal government is AWOL, proceeding with tax cuts that will cost most of us

To be published in Commercial Appeal, Memphis, TN