We are entering a dangerous time

and it feels as if we're now doing everything possible to make things precarious for as far into the future as possible. Other countries have had to deal with terrorism and fear, and no one has destabilized the world as BushCo. is now doing. Rational argument means nothing, the media does little but reinforce the worst instincts, churches are either quiet or ineffectual in changing government policy, and none of this can possibly lead us beyond the terrible dynamics that put us here. Until the last couple months I had never seriously considered expatriating; I love the things the people in our country have achieved, the spirit of the new and the daring of imagination. But what once helped us invent and imagine--our lack of encumbrance by history--has now become so severe, not to mention concentrated in our political leadership, that it will likely lead us to do tremendous wrongs to innocents. This makes me question whether I can continue to be part of "the American experiment." We are now experimenting in a reckless and lethal way, in the process becoming what we claim to be fighting against. Change things from the inside? I'm wondering if the forces of American destruction are past the fail-safe point, and we have no other role to play except to pay our taxes and support the military industrial corporate media complex.

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